Gravity Liquid Fertilizers

Supplier: WinField™

Plant Nutrition and Premium Liquid Fertilzer

Gravity™ liquid fertilizers with MAX-IN® technology are available in five unique macro and micronutrient blends, each formulated with patented CornSorb™ technology, which assists in the absorption and movement of nutrients in the plant. University studies show that these advanced formulations drive more nutrients into plants for immediate availability and maximum plant health benefits.

Gravity™ liquid fertilizers are available in five formulations, specifically designed for all turf, ornamental and horticultural applications.

  • Gravity™ L 18-3-6 contains 55% slow release nitrogen, 0.4% iron, and 0.2% manganese
  • Gravity™ L 28-0-0 contains 60% slow release nitrogen
  • Gravity™ L 12-0-0 contains 5% iron and 1% manganese
  • Gravity™ L 12-0-12 contains 25% slow release nitrogen, 0.5% iron, and 0.4% manganese
  • Gravity™ L 5-0-0 contains 4% iron, 2.4% sulfur, 0.5% magnesium, 0.75% manganese, 0.5% zinc, 0.05% copper, 0.02% boron and 0.0025% molybdenum


See product labels for detailed rate instructions.


  • 2 x 2.5 gallons
  • 30 gallons