Gravity® 38 Special

Supplier: WinField

Gravity® 38 Special is a superior, patented phosphite formulation that helps increase plant metabolism and improves disease resistance.

Gravity® 38 Special delivers phosphorous through the leaf surfaces in the phosphite form, which is more readily absorbed by plant leaves compared to phosphate forms of phosphorous. Research demonstrates metabolic stimulation from Gravity® 38 Special applications produce key plant compounds, such as anti-fungal agents, hormones and amino acids. Organic acids, humectants and unique surfactants separate this superior phosphite formulation from the competition.

Key benefits


  • Helps increase plant metabolism
  • Helps alleviate damage caused by environmental stress
  • May increase nutrient efficiency
  • Higher load of phosphite per gal compared to most phosphite products
  • Superior tank-mix compatibility


Gravity® 38 Special maintains nutrients, such as iron and copper, in suspension when mixed together. When iron, copper and many other nutrients are mixed with common phosphites, they settle out, thus reducing their effectiveness and leading to problems in the spray tank.