NutriTech Tool

Comprehensive Nutrient Testing, Simplified

The WinField® United NutriTech Tool is a proprietary, comprehensive nutrient-testing offering that provides customized, accurate analyses of soil, water and plant tissue through WinField® United’s own laboratory. Expert WinField® United agronomists analyze findings and provide specific recommendations for each customer. The WinField® United NutriTech Tool is a one-stop solution for facilities to track, monitor and quantify site soil conditions.

Results provide the total amount of nutrients in a particular soil.

Measures the amount of available nutrients a plant will take up during the time it is growing.

Values provide the total amount of nutrients absorbed by the plant during the time it is growing.


The WinField® United NutriTech Tool includes these components:

WinField® United Soil-Testing Service

Our soil-testing service offers complete nutrient analysis (macronutrients and micronutrients), soil characteristics (CEC, organic matter, pH) and soil texture. Comprehensive testing provides an accurate evaluation of soil conditions. Tests can be performed through standard chemical extraction methods or saturated paste extraction methods. Tests are available for all types of soils, including soilless media.

WinField® United Tissue-Testing Service

Our tissue-testing service provides a comprehensive analysis of macronutrients and micronutrients present in the plant. Services are available for all types of plants, including turfgrass, annuals, perennials, woody ornamentals and more.

WinField® United Water-Testing Service

Our water-testing service analyzes the quality of water used for irrigation and in pesticide mixing. Detailed information is provided on water pH, electrical conductivity, hardness and nutrients.

WinField® United Resin-Testing Service

We are pleased to offer our customers proprietary resin testing - the most innovative nutrient management tool available. Offered in partnership with UNIBEST International, a Washington-based technology company, the resin monitoring system features advanced ion-exchange resin technologies that absorb nutrients from soils when they are in forms available to a plant during the growing season. Conventional testing methods that extract soil chemicals with other chemicals do not accurately reflect how elements in a natural soil environment respond to continuous removal by biological activity over time. Resin technology absorbs plant-available nutrients from the soil by exchanging H+ and OH- ions for available nutrients in the soil-root environment, much like a plant root. This closely matches nutrient uptake by plant roots and provides a more accurate understanding of nutrient needs. Resin technology can also be used to monitor nutrient levels in water bodies.

As a leading indicator of plant nutrition, resin technology has the ability to measure available nutrients in all soil types, offering managers the ability to detect nutrient imbalances or deficiencies early and apply appropriate inputs before the change is detected by the plant.

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