TurfTech Tool

Quickly and Easily Evaluate Over 1,000 Turf Seed Varieties

WinField® United is committed to providing the tools you need to stay at the top of your game. The patent-pending WinField® United TurfTech Tool — part of the WinField® United Insights Tech Kit — combines data from the National Turf grass Evaluation program into one convenient database, making your complex seed selection process easier. With the help of our experienced representatives, you can quickly pinpoint the best turf seed for your specific conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides university evaluations of six turf species and more than 1,000 turf varieties
  • Compares varieties based on 150 attributes
  • Evaluates varieties on national, regional and state levels
  • Matches the optimum turf seed to specific environmental and playing conditions

Why are turf grass varieties important?

Not all varieties are equal. Some are much more susceptible to disease pathogens, insects, weed invasion and environmental pressures, such as wear and tear. The well-known disease triangle is a useful way to depict the benefit of superior varieties. In order to have a disease, three things need to occur at the same time

  1. a disease pathogen needs to be present,
  2. the pathogen must have the proper environment to be expressed,
  3. there must be a susceptible host for the pathogen to react with. Take away one side of the triangle and there is no disease. Start by selecting a turf grass variety with resistance to the common disease invasions for your area.

The WinField® United TurfTech Tool can do several things to make your seed selection easier.

  1. Find the highest-scoring varieties for any species for any attribute in any location.
  2. Compare one seed tag to another for seed blends, to determine which blend is best for your operation.
  3. Compare multiple varieties across more than one attribute to determine the best performing variety.

Contact your WinField® United representative for more information on the WinField® United TurfTech Tool