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Helping You Eliminate Unwanted Guests

WinField® United sales representatives combine years of expertise with the most effective pest control products, giving operators greater control to target and kill invasive pests. Our proprietary adjuvants improve the efficacy of pest management products, leading to reduced callbacks.

  • Adjuvants help pesticides go further so you can use less.
  • Environmentally friendly pesticides provide excellent control.
  • A broad array of equipment options helps improve your profit potential.

Beware of the Webbing Clothes Moth

The webbing clothes moth, Tineola bisselliella, is a fabric pest that can damage items containing wool, furs, silks, feathers and linen. It is a pest that can be very challenging for the pest control professional as well as the customer, because of their damage to high value items.


Be Ready as the Ants Go Marching

Are you finding an organized parade of critters making their way into your home or garage? The Camponotus species of carpenter ants are wood-destroying insects that commonly infest structures. The infestations indoors are satellite nests, while the parent nest is outside.



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