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5 Questions With... Bruce Jump

by WinField United Pro in Golf Management, Ornamental, Pest Control
Posted:  Nov 20, 2015
In the second installment of the “5 Questions With…” series we sit down with Bruce Jump, WinField’s manager of turf seed product, athletic fields and training and education. Bruce Jump has more than three decades of experience with Land O’Lakes and carries out a variety of duties for the turf seed product portfolio
Taylor: If you could only recommend one WinField product to a customer, what would it be?

Bruce: DroplexTMAdjuvant.  Simple things like spray droplet size have a big impact on spray performance, both in deposition and drift. Turf managers would see an improvement in quality and a reduction in their overall cost.  We have learned this from research in our patented wind tunnel. DroplexTM Adjuvant is an anti-drift agent, providing more droplets in the 2-5 window than most other products. 

Taylor: If you could go golfing with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Bruce: It has to be Tiger Woods. I believe in the power of redemption. Tigers journey is a mirror of society and culture. His story is a powerful one. Right now we see the middle of his journey.  His comeback, both personally and professionally will be a joy for all of us to witness. 

Taylor: For people who aren’t familiar with WinField, what is one thing you think they’d be surprised to learn about our company?

Bruce: In some large companies, employees can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. At WinField, we challenge our employees to be creative around a common purpose. Any employee has the freedom to develop ideas and plans that align with a common purpose. In that regard, I had the freedom to invent and develop the WinFieldTM TurfTech Tool. We received our patent number July 21 of this year. That is quite an accomplishment and I'm proud to say I'm employee of WinField.

Taylor: What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

Bruce: Everybody knows I wear Danner boots, love Starbucks coffee, and I like to wear vests in the wintertime, so I can't give those answers. I think one thing is that I have been married only one time to the same woman for 38 years and wouldn't have it any other way. 

Taylor: You lead the charge with the WinField Academy program. What do see as the biggest benefit of these educational events?

Bruce: WinField™ Academy events train over 2,500 of our customers each year with training offered in all segments including golf, lawn care, ornamentals, pest control, and aquatic vegetation management. Not only that, but education credits like CEU and GCSAA credits are offered at these events.

One thing that separates WinFieldTM Academy events from other training events is that we offer high quality, educational speakers. Speakers include Dr. Tom Nikolai from Michigan State, who is the world’s expert on factors impacting ball roll on golf greens and Dr. Bobby Corrigan, the world's foremost expert on rodent rats and mice control. Our ability to supply quality speakers with superior content makes our events a worthwhile experience.
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