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Celebrating SnowCare For Troops

by WinField United Pro in Latest News
Posted:  Nov 12, 2015
This week (November 8 -14) Project Evergreen is launching SnowCare For Troops Awareness week. Now in its sixth season SnowCare For Troops aims to raise awareness of the many needs of families of deployed military personal and wounded and disabled veterans, as well as provide needed snow removal services to military families in need.
Project Evergreen has partnered with BOSS snowplow with the goal of connecting snow management professionals willing to volunteer their time with families of currently deployed military personnel and families of wounded or disabled veterans. This is an excellent way to raise awareness and to reach out to the active duty military personal and veterans in your community as well as show appreciation for their services by pushing snow for our nation’s hero’s’.
Click here for more information about SnowCare For Troops, to become a volunteer, or to register as a military family.
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