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Dealing with Dollar Spots

by WinField United Pro in Golf Management, Lawn Care, News
Posted:  Sep 04, 2015
Our customer – Jeff Girard, StoneRidge Golf Club Superintendent, Minn, - was recently featured in Golf Course Industry article about dealing with dollar spots.
WinField sales rep, Chris Hoff, encouraged Jeff to start using Xzemplar fungicide in the fall of 2014. Chris knew dollar spots were a huge issue for Jeff and he was frustrated with the performance of other products.
“I had seen success with Xzemplar fungicide with other customers so I encouraged Jeff make the switch,” said Chris. “I explained that the up-front cost will be a little higher but I knew he’s see cost savings over the long run because he’d be using the right product for the right situation.”
Why else does Chris this Jeff has seen such great success in his treatment of dollar spots?
“That’s easy,” notes Chris, “his sprayer doesn’t go out without Droplex® adjuvant in the tank.” Research shows improved performance of dollar spot treatments when Droplex® adjuvant is used in conjunction with fungicide treatments.
Check out the full story on Jeff and his success with dollar spot treatments on golfcourseindustry.com.
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