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Drew Guffey Talks Alternative Market with Crop Talk Media

by WinField United Pro in Latest News
Posted:  Dec 07, 2020
Alternative Crops
Wetting Agents

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Can you make your inputs go further when using Adjuvants or Wetting agents?

What are wetting agents or adjuvants?
In general both types of products can increase the efficacy of traditional chemistry or bio-stimulants. When using these products in conjunction with spray applications they provide better coverage, spreading, and penetration.

Adjuvants are called many things within the agricultural industry- surfactants, defoaming agents, oils and drift control agents. Depending on the type, the adjuvant may reduce drift when spraying pesticides ,it may keep the pesticide from foaming over, or it may help the pesticide stick or spread across the surface.

Wetting agents are also called surfactants. Soil wetting agents are used to increase the spreading and penetration of liquids into the soil. They lower the surface tension, making it easier for water, liquid fertilizers, pesticides and other substances to spread over and into the soil, thus getting it down to the roots.

How do you know which adjuvant or wetting agent to use?
Reach out to your WinField United Pro Rep or check out these free resources that help you decide which adjuvant or wetting agent is best for the type of pesticide you are using.

Additional Resources:

Adjuvant Guide

Wetting Agent Guide

Below are a few WinField United Pro Adjuvants & Wetting Agents:

Droplex adjuvant aids in the deposition of a spray application onto the plant. It helps the spray distribute more uniformly throughout the canopy while also minimizing drift of the spray.

Droplex® Xtra
Droplex Xtra has all the benefits of Droplex but with the addition of Gulfstream. Gulfstream is a low-foaming, spreader-activator with buffering agents. It increases contact activity by reducing the surface tension on the plant leaf. The waxy coating on the leaves can make it hard for pesticides to penetrate the surface. Adding Gulfstream removes the tension and helps products absorb more easily into the plant.

Gulfstream® Free
Is a nonylphenol exthoxylates (NPE) free Spreader-Sticker-Buffer surfactant that promotes fast spreading, uniform distribution and absorption of products. It also includes buffering agents to optimize spray solution pH which may reduce hydrolysis and has the potential to improve performance of certain products. 

AirCover is a nonionic surfactant used as a wetting agent for tank-mixing with various pesticides and plant nutrient products. Its primary use is to lower the surface tension between liquids. When applied as directed with pesticides and/or fertilizers, it can be used to improve coverage and distribution of spray droplets on tree and vine crops, greens and tees on golf courses, and noncrop areas.

It's an organic-based organosilicone surfactant that can also be used for horticultural, industrial and turf applications. What it does is significantly reduce the surface tension on the leaves, allowing more thorough penetration and optimum wetting and spreading on the surfaces. 

Aquicare is a  safe, non-phytotoxic soil wetting agent formulated to maximize surface firmness while stretching watering cycles. It also prevents and controls localized dry spot conditions as well as water-repellent soils. It's the ideal wetting agent used to maintain turf and avoid turf loss.

Aquiflo™ Plus
Aquiflo Plus is specially formulated to spread water across and through the soil profile. It is the ideal soil wetting agent to reduce wet spots, aid infiltration, and spread pesticide products more uniformly in the soil. It's also formulated for use in soilless media and the soils surrounding ornamental plants.

Aquisync is a specially formulated surfactant that reduces the surface tension of water and also improves the retention of water in soils. This results in overall uniform distribution and availability of water, which leads to a more consistent playing surface and enhanced visual appearance on golf courses, athletic fields and other recreational turf. It is an ideal soil wetting agent to stretch irrigation intervals when growing ornamental plants.

CropTalk Media's digital content is dedicated to helping today’s agricultural leaders find the foundational values that lead to success. Whether you’re looking to learn from industry experts who have transformed their organizations, discover how a value-first mentality can improve your business, or simply figure out how to prioritize your leadership, this is the podcast for you. Listen to more episodes here.

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