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Droplex Xtra – The Newest Tool for Your Spray Arsenal

by WinField United Pro in Golf Management, Latest News, Lawn Care, Ornamental
Posted:  May 05, 2016
Warmer weather has the growing season in full swing and it’s time to have our plant protection programs in full gear. WinField® recommends the regular use of adjuvants in your tank mix to help increase your spray efficacy potential. Products like Droplex® adjuvant and Gulfstream® adjuvant help to decrease the amount of small droplets and increase droplet spread in your sprays to help provide better coverage. With all the time and energy spent applying herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and foliar-applied nutrients, it helps to have a little boost to get the best results possible.
A tank mix of both Droplex® adjuvant and Gulfstream® adjuvant may further enhance your accuracy and can increase the performance potential of your sprays. That’s why WinField® has come up with its newest adjuvant, Droplex® Xtra. Droplex® Xtra adjuvant is a new pre-mixed, ready-to-use additive that combines the power of both Droplex® and Gulfstream®.
Why should you try Droplex® Xtra adjuvant?
  • It can significantly increase the number of droplets reaching the target, which may lead to more pesticide reaching the target.
  • It promotes better control and performance.
  • It has the potential to lower pesticide and fertilizer use rates.
  • It may limit damage from off-target movement of pesticides.
  • It comes in a convenient pre-mix to minimize mixing time and ensure the proper balance of spreader/sticker and drift adjuvant.
Trials have shown excellent control when Strike 3® herbicide is paired with Droplex® Xtra adjuvant.

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