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GeoTech™ Tool a Winner at GIS

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Posted:  Mar 11, 2015
You’d be hard pressed to find a superintendent who didn’t have the Golf Industry Show (GIS) circled on their calendar. This year’s affair, put on by the GCSAA and NGCOA, was held Feb. 21-26 in San Antonio, Texas, drawing more than 13,000 attendees and 500-plus exhibitors.
Like any PGA player, golf course superintendents are continually looking for ways to refine their approach and achieve better results. The use of technology in both instances has had a profound impact on the industry, allowing professionals to efficiently pinpoint and address areas of improvement.
Superintendents visited the WinField booth for an exclusive, one-on-one mapping session with a WinField specialist courtesy of the GeoTech™ Tool. This versatile tool generates a variety of maps to illustrate complete plant health information for an entire course, allowing us to make suggestions that target specific problem areas.
Based on how well these sessions were received at GIS, I wanted to share three common uses of the GeoTech™ Tool, and how it can help improve your course’s bottom line success:
  1. Water management – Several states suffer from drought, particularly Texas since 2011, causing water management to become a significant issue. Managers have been forced to think even more strategically about water use, while also delivering high-quality results to customers. WinField’s maps can highlight areas that are under performing from a plant health standpoint, allowing resources to be prioritized.
  2. Weather management – The Plant Health Maps along with weather data condition information offers perspective on which areas are likely to thrive or struggle under various weather conditions. Armed with this knowledge, superintendents can adjust maintenance plans based on upcoming weather patterns.
  3. Validation – The GeoTech™ Tool can validate management practices and monitor changes over time. For example, historical data can be used to evaluate a field’s condition dating back five years. Tracking various soil amendments to correct the issue over this span, one can conclude if the field improved, justifying whether or not to incorporate these same changes to other acres.
For additional information be sure to check out the GeoTech™ Tool page or talk to your WinField sales representative.
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