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Getting Ahead: WinField™ Early Order Program

in Golf Management, Lawn Care, Ornamental
Posted:  Dec 03, 2014
Whether you had a challenging or successful year, it’s beneficial for any industry professional to plan ahead. Put simply, the Early Order Program period is the most economical time to purchase products you need throughout the year. Planning during this period allows participants to take advantage of supplier incentives while capturing additional WinField incentives. The program also helps manage cash flow with extended terms as the season winds down, stretching your dollars even further. Benefits of the WinField™ Early Order Program WinField has Early Order Programs for a variety of industries, including golf, lawn and landscape, ornamental, aquatics and now pest control. No matter your area, all of the programs have four major benefits: Spend more, save more – unlike other programs, our Early Order Program allows you to combine purchases from the leading suppliers with WinField’s proprietary products. Take advantage of extended terms – our program has two different extended terms offers. Earn four times on reward points – WinField™ Rewards customers gain four points for every dollar they spend. Attend a WinField™ Academy – customers who spend $2,500 or more on WinField products receive a free admission to one of our educational events in 2015. How to Enroll The best way to take advantage of the WinField™ Early Order Program is to talk to your WinField sales rep. Click here to locate a rep near you.
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