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by WinField United Pro in Golf Management, Latest News, Lawn Care
Posted:  Aug 01, 2016
Join us in welcoming Indenify ™, a next-generation nematicide that controls key nematodes, which improves root growth and turfgrass health, resulting in better playability with improved wear tolerance.
Indemnify ™ is safe on all turf types including bermudagrass, creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass. This product is also approved for use on all golf course areas from tee to green, as well as sod farms, sport fields, residential, institutional, municipal and commercial turfgrass areas.
Key Features:
  • Provides preventive and curative control of key plant parasitic nematodes that feed on turfgrass roots
  • Advanced formulation technology provides optimized distribution of the nematicide in the root zone
  • The signal word on the label is CAUTION and one immediate benefit is that course closure is not required when using Indemnify
Key Benefits:
  • Preventively, use in the spring to control nematodes and ensure normal green up/transition of turfgrass
  • Preventively, use in the fall to control nematodes and optimize root health prior to dormancy or to ensure healthy roots during semi-dormancy
  • Curatively, use any time of the year when nematode populations cause visual symptoms

For more about Indemnify ™ visit backedbybayer.com, or contact your local WinField representative for availability and ordering information.
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