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Posted:  Dec 03, 2014
Lawn and landscape professionals are stretched for time now more than ever. Getting the job done right the first time and reducing callbacks are no longer preferred—but essential.
To help our customers with these very challenges, WinField has invested heavily in funded research over the past several years. We’ve conducted more than 50 research trials to develop improved or new products and explore the benefits they can bring our customers. Two products born from this research investment, Gulfstream® and Aquicare, were recently highlighted in Lawn & Landscape’s feature story about new product innovations in lawn care.
Gulfstream® adjuvant is a spreader-sticker surfactant that was recently enhanced with smell reduction technology and UV inhibiting properties. These enhancements to the standard spreader-sticker formulation are leading to enhanced weed control, especially in poor conditions like rainfall events after herbicide application. For lawn care companies, this leads to fewer callbacks and happier customers.
Aquicare™ wetting agent enhances water retention and spreading in the soil.  Specifically, Aquicare™ is formulated to prevent localized dry spot conditions and control water-repellent soils. This leads to improved plant health and adequate soil moisture, which translates to healthier lawns and happier customers for lawn and landscape professionals.
For more information, read the Lawn & Landscape article or visit www.winfieldpro.com.
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