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Insight Series: Introducing Nature’s Dream Nursery

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Posted:  Oct 31, 2014
A great feature of my work is helping growers in greenhouses and nurseries with their vast assortment of plan varieties. Through the years, I’ve noticed a gap in best management practices ranging from crop protection and nutrition products to tools that make a grower’s job easier. This gap is where WinField and I work the hardest to support our customers. With that relationship in mind, I am excited to share a new adventure for the WinField blog – our first Insight Series.
As South Florida enters its winter growing season, I am partnering with, Ray Rueda of Nature’s Dream Nursery to demonstrate how WinField products and insight tools help growers maximize their potential. Nature’s Dream specializes in tropical plants common in Miami. Hibiscus, mandevilla, crotons and others are big movers come spring time.  During the season we’ll address pest issues, measure nutrient levels using the NutriTech tool and watch for unexpected stress with the GeoTech™ tool. And for the uninitiated, you can get an inside look at the process a commercial grower uses to bring beautiful, premium plant material to market.
Following last season, Ray expressed interest in again improving his plant quality for the 2015 season. Ray’s customers stay loyal due to a “higher quality level…and added value via QR tags, online availability and labels.” If you ask him why he invests the extras to produce top quality when others are cutting, he’ll tell you he wants “customers to reorder with confidence every year and keep increasing their purchases. No hassles.” He believes the “extra effort will be compensated via loyalty.” Providing a quality product is a professional value Ray and I share.
I hope you’ll join us through the season – it should be a fun and insightful adventure.

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