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Intern Program Brings New Talent and Ideas to Land O’Lakes

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Posted:  Jul 28, 2015
“We believe in people—in valuing and recognizing a work force of diverse individuals as the key to our success.” This quote from Land O’Lakes’ company value statement helps to explain why the organization has maintained a centralized intern program since 2007 and is currently employing 269 undergraduate and graduate summer interns.   These students represent more than 70 universities from across the country and take on roles in the Dairy Foods, Purina, and WinField businesses. 

This year, WinField has 135 interns, three of whom are working with the Professional Products Group at the Shoreview, Minnesota office.  PPG has hired interns for the past four summers to complete research and a variety of marketing-related projects.  The three undergraduate interns this year have several responsibilities, including conducting trials on golf courses and in greenhouses, updating product materials, overseeing the Voice of the Customer Survey, updating the WinField Pro website, managing social media accounts, and collaborating with team members on the Rewards and Early Order Programs.  Each of the interns brings a unique background and different set of career interests to the table which has proven to be beneficial to the Professional Products Group.

Most Land O’Lakes interns work with the company for 12 weeks, completing at least one main project and presenting about their experience to company leadership at the end of the summer.  By hiring interns, the company is able to gain new perspectives on issues and assignments within the organization, receive assistance in completing projects and research, and scope out young talent that may later become full-time employees.  While Land O’Lakes is positively affected by their internship program, students also reap many of the benefits of the hands-on work. Internship experience gives students a better feel for the career that they would-or would not-like to pursue, the opportunity to gain professional contacts in the industry and actual work experience that is appealing to future employers, and the chance to discover all that a company has to offer and determine if it is a good fit for future employment. 

Both PPG and Land O’Lakes are excited to see all that their interns will accomplish during the rest of this summer and as they move into careers either within Land O’Lakes or another company. 
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