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Mosquito Barrier Treatments with Our Expert, Martyn Hafley

by WinField United Pro in Latest News, Pest Control
Posted:  Jul 27, 2016
Winfield pest control expert Martyn Hafley was featured in a Pest Control Technology (PCT) magazine podcast discussing best practices for effective mosquito barrier treatments.
The podcast highlights how to get the most efficacy out of backpack misting, one of the fastest-growing segments of the pest control industry, and the results of a recent Winfield and university study on application improvement.
“The right amount of Droplex® added to a mosquito mist gives deeper penetration, bringing better control potential,” says Hafley.  
“The addition of Droplex® absolutely improved performance, especially at further distances like 5 feet. The improved coverage will reduce call backs, will improve profitability, performance and more importantly will help control mosquitos.”
Listen to the podcast here.
Contact your local WinField expert today to learn more about mosquito barrier treatments for your business.
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