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My Fruit Fly Invasion

by Martyn Hafely in Pest Control
Posted:  Dec 30, 2015
The Alpine line of products had some nice growth for us in 2015. However, no product showed as much promise or spectacular control as Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait. Below is a personal account.
In July my permanent roommate (mother-in-law) brought home a bunch of fruit from one of those discount no frills grocery stores. For free the grocery store threw in about 1000 fruit flies. I was travelling and when I came home this was the population in my kitchen and bathroom. I poured myself a glass of wine and got prizes almost immediately. I was mad. Because in the past, to control the fruit flies I had to throw out any damaged fruit, treat the drains where they reproduce, set out fruit fly traps and after everyone else went to bed I would to do a space spray with CB-80 or PT-565 to knock down the adults. Normally if you don’t eliminate the source a space spray is usually worthless. The whole procedure could take me a month until I got the population down to zero.

Prizes in my wine glass


Instead of all that I simply set out two fruit fly traps (PT 960), threw out a couple of pieces of damaged fruit and applied about 6-8 ounces of PT Alpine Fly Bait to the places I saw fruit flies landing. The yellow line below indicates where they were landing and resting. Within one hour, there were no fruit flies visible. AND since this is a bait it smoked the new ones emerging from my drains and in doing so it kept them from reproducing. Would I still recommend treating the drains? Yes but this simple procedure worked for me and I didn’t treat the drains. Just threw out damaged fruit and made the quick applications.

Alpine Fly Bait                                    Yellow lines indicate where I treated.

I treated these areas because it was where I saw adults resting.
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