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Order Early, Save Big

by WinField United Pro in Aquatics & Vegetation Management, Golf Management, Latest News, Lawn Care, Ornamental, Pest Control
Posted:  Sep 23, 2015
WinField is gearing up for another fantastic Early Order Program (EOP). This customized program includes a great line of suppliers and products our customers recognize as being some of the top chemistry and innovations in the industry.  
So, one might ask, “What is all the hype around EOP about?”
Feel you deserve a few more rebates?
Good, we do too! Through our EOP offering, customers have the opportunity to gain rebate incentives from WinField in addition to the rebates they already receive from manufactures. Depending on your EOP offer (Lawn, Turf, Ornamental, AVM, and/or Pest), you could receive up to a 5% rebate back.
Don’t want to pay until June 2016?
No worries. Those are the terms that WinField includes our EOP. Customers of EOP can defer their payment until June 24th, 2016.
Need a lot of product, but don’t have the storage?
We can help! Customers that qualify for EOP can have up to two deliveries before April 15th to claim the products they have purchased.
Love getting unexpected gifts?  
Join WinField Rewards and earn points for every dollar you spend on qualified products. Receive 5x the reward points on your EOP order when it’s placed before October 31st, 2015. Late to order? You’ll still receive 3X the reward points through the end of the year on your qualified EOP purchase. These bonus points could help you earn great gifts faster … or bump you up to the next award level.
It’s really that simple.
All you need to do is contact your local WinField Sales Rep and starting planning for your EOP purchases.
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