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Ornamental/Landscape Winning Recipe for Your Spray Tank

by WinField United Pro in Lawn Care, Ornamental
Posted:  Mar 09, 2016

Spring has sprung and our fantastic ornamental reps are excited about some of the best products on the market. Not sure what to put in the tank this year for both efficacy and results? See what our experts have to say about some of their favorite products in our spring program:

SultanTM Rules Mite Management
“SultanTM takes care of all life stages of two spotted mite.  Safe with beneficial broad mites as well.”

Jeff Hermes

Marengo®: Clean Formulation and Longest Residual
“Marengo® .5G has the longest residual available in a granular product. It has the cleanest, nicest, most user friendly formulation I've ever seen. Absolutely no dust and perfectly round prills that roll off of leaves and land where they should. It's a good one...”
Jake Chilek

Pageant® + Subdue® Maxx Protect Roots
“Pageant® + Subdue® Maxx – Subdue® Maxx is a longtime trusted brand for root diseases. Pageant® is one of the most dependable, broad spectrum fungicides available in the last several years.”
Stable, Effective Low Use Rates with 38 Special
“Seems like everyone has a phosphite these days. Only 38 Special is stable in tank mixes with other products including fertilizers while being effective at the lowest use rates.”
Tyler Chandler

From left: 38 Special, K-Phite, Ele-Max all mixed with Mikropak

Contact any of our ornamental reps about the WinField® spring program and they can provide you a recipe that reaps results and rewards!
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