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POGO Turf Pro

by John Smith in Golf Management, Lawn Care
Posted:  Jul 21, 2016
Please join us in welcoming, POGO, a new tool offered by Stevens Water Monitoring Systems.
How does it work?
POGO is an all-in-one meter designed to capture three important attributes of your soil and turfgrass health – moisture, salinity and canopy temperature. Simply insert the POGO stick into your turf, press “sample” on your smartphone or tablet and instantly your information is logged on the POGO Turf Pro Cloud, accessible via the POGO app. No more paper records, no more hassle. All of your data is at your fingertips, ready to be accessed whenever, wherever.

What are the key benefits?
By using POGO, customers can access, manage and share information instantly, from any device compatible with the POGO app. This includes the ability to:
  • Log sprinkler locations, cup placement, ball speed, slope and boundary of the green or any zone
  • Eliminate paper records by having the ability to take pictures and record notes, right from the POGO app
  • Become more cost-effective through irrigation and fertilizer management, helping to achieve optimal water conditions producing firm surfaces and increased playability
  • Utilize GPS technology to see real-time updates of your turf from a birds-eye view, using the POGO Visual Insight tool
  • Have more consistent turf conditions, as your whole team will have access to view/update any information recorded by POGO, utilizing the POGO Turf Pro Cloud
Where can I get one?
POGO is available for purchase today. Please see your local WinField Representative for information, and to get your POGO today.
More information about POGO is available on the POGO website, pogoturfpro.com
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