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Protecting Our Planet One Jug At A Time

by WinField United Pro in Aquatics & Vegetation Management, Golf Management, Latest News, Lawn Care, Ornamental, Pest Control
Posted:  Apr 22, 2015
What do you do with your pesticide containers after emptying out the product? Do they end up in the trash or pile up in the corner?  WinField prefers to see those containers recycled and kept out of landfills.
With Earth Day in mind, we remind everyone that we offer FREE recycling of pesticide containers through most of our locations. Recycling your containers with WinField is a great way to reduce the clutter and help take care of our planet.
In 2012, Winfield recycled over 650,000 pounds of plastic containers. That’s the weight equivalent to 130 Ford F-150 trucks!
Recycling with WinField
WinField provides a bag for managing the containers and will pick up the bag of containers once it’s full. All you have to do is contact your driver, location staff or sales representative to set-up a bag drop-off or pickup. WinField takes care of transporting the containers to a facility where they are turned into reusable plastic chips. These plastic chips are often used in field drain tiles, but can also be used in many other applications where the possible pesticide residue will not cause issues.
Additional Details
  • Winfield accepts 1 gal and 2.5 gal containers – we cannot accept pails or containers of other sizes.
  • It is imperative that containers are tripled rinsed or pressure washed – pesticide residue must be gone to make sure the containers can be recycled. Chemical residue in the bags or jugs will not be accepted and result in the containers being rejected.  
  • Remove all caps and product labels (some label residue remaining on the container is okay).
Thank you to everyone who has participated in our recycling program in the past. Contact your local representative today have your recycling bag delivered or to get more information.
Happy Earth Day!
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