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Top 3 Toughest Pest Challenges for 2015

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Posted:  Feb 20, 2015
In the pest control business, change is the only constant – and a new year signifies a new series of challenges Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) must consider. I recently sat down with PCT Magazine to discuss some of these pressing pest issues, while offering a few tips for anticipating and addressing potential problems before it’s too late.
After conducting a nationwide poll among my field sales staff, I found that while certain geographies varied, there were three resounding responses: bed bugs, fleas and German roaches.
Additional information on combating these challenges can be found in the podcast – including the benefits of using adjuvants, tools and new technology in applications – but I’ve captured some highlights below:
  • Bed bugs – These pests continue to be a formidable foe for PMPs, and it’s important to view your pest program holistically, rather than a series of tasks. Everything from cleaning and treating with heat to spraying — PMPs must create a complete program to eradicate the population. I discuss other issues with bed bugs during the PCT podcast, such as pyrethroid resistance and setting realistic expectations.
  • Fleas – I was surprised fleas came up as the second-most common concern, but they continue to be a serious problem both inside and outside. Getting the right product to the flea population is key, so if you are spraying, combining sufficient water with a proven spreader like AirCover® adjuvant, which promotes fast spreading and delivers active ingredients into the “kill zone,” may reduce costly callbacks for PMPs. 
  • German roaches – Bait aversion and pyrethroid resistance are both realities, so rotating brands and chemistries every four months can reduce this issue.
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