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Wetting Agents And Surface Firmness

by WinField United Pro in Aquatics & Vegetation Management, Golf Management, Latest News, Lawn Care, Ornamental
Posted:  Jun 29, 2015
One of the latest trends in golf is firm and fast. In order to manage surface conditions wetting agents are often employed to generate a more firm playing surface during times of extreme moisture.

In a recent study conducted by University of Minnesota Turf Science, 14 wetting agents were tested for their effect on surface firmness. The testing was conducted on a 12 year-old USGA ‘Alpha’ creeping bentgrass green. Treatments were applied every four weeks between the months of May and October 2014 with a spray volume of 2 Gal/M and were followed with 0.25 – 0.35 inches of water. The treatment area was fertilized weekly with .10 lbs. of nitrogen/M and each plot was mowed five times a week at 0.125 inches.

The study revealed that under wet conditions Aquicare™ wetting agent provided a firmer putting surface than the other wetting agents involved. Aquicare™ wetting agent was able to improve infiltration of the water under wet conditions, which is not characteristic of most retaining wetting agents.

In dry conditions, when plants are subject to stress and wilt, Aquicare™ wetting agent provides a satisfactory firm surface with improved moisture holding compared to many other products which help delay stress and wilt.
This unique formulation is able to retain water under drought conditions and move water under wet conditions, all the while maintaining a firmer playing surface. Most products either move water leading to extreme wilt in dry conditions or they retain water leading to soft surfaces in wet conditions.


To learn more about Aquicare™ wetting agent contact your local sales representative.
*Study Conducted by Dr. Brian Horgan, Sam Bauer and Matt Cavanaugh on behalf of the University of Minnesota Turf Science Extension
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