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WinField Sales Organization Continues to Expand

in Golf Management, Ornamental, Pest Control
Posted:  May 29, 2015

Winfield Solutions, LLC (“WinField) has added 11 new sales representatives to its organization to better serve customers nationwide.
“Our investment in exceptional talent is an important part of our growth,” says Mitch Eviston, Vice President of Marketing, WinField. “WinField has some unique competitive advantages in the market. Our financial commitment to product research and insight tools is unmatched and we continue to invest in those aspects of our business – but we know that the exceptional service and deep industry knowledge our people deliver is what really makes the difference for our customers.”
New WinField sales representatives include:

  • JK Harrison, Golf Sales Representative – West Texas
  • Josh Heersink, Golf and Turf Sales Representative – Western Region
  • Jeff Hermes, Ornamental Sales Representative – Great Lakes and Midwest Region
  • Freddie Ingram, Pest Sales Representative – Nebraska, Oklahoma and Arkansas
  • Ryan Jerome, Golf and Turf Sales Representative – Midwest Region
  • Tim Jones, Golf and Lawn Care Sales Representative – Western New York
  • Tim Kwiat, Golf and Lawn Care Sales Representative – Northern New Jersey
  • Bill Lund, Golf Sales Representative – Southwest Florida
  • Dan Sieja, Golf and Lawn Care Sales Representative – Southern New Jersey
  • Justin White, Golf Sales Representative – San Antonio/Austin Texas
  • Sam Wineinger, Golf and Tuf Sales Representative – Midwest Region
WinField continues to look for experienced sales representatives to add to its team. Visit winfieldpro.com to learn more about the company and follow the careers link at the bottom of the page for more information on current openings.
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