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Xanthamonas Trial

by Tyler Chandler in Aquatics & Vegetation Management, Ornamental
Posted:  Oct 06, 2015
The last few months in south Florida offered little relief from one particular form of bacteria known as Xanthamonas.  Xanthamonas infects a wide range of plant material ranging from woody material destined for landscape installations up to fine foliage growers.  Even though treatments are similar, do not confuse Xanthamonas with other common bacterial infections such as Erwinia or Pseudomonas

The trial conducted at University of Florida’s Tropical Research and Extension Center (TREC) tested 15 treatments against Xanthamonas on a common local plant variety, Green Island Ficus (Ficus microcarpa).  Of the 12 chemicals tested, two active ingredients were experimental and not yet labeled for commercial production.  The remaining three plots were an untreated, non-inoculated control group, untreated, inoculated group and finally, an untreated, inoculated group where infected leaves were physically removed once infected. Three spray applications were made at 7 day intervals at the labeled maximum rates. Performance ratings measured Incidence as number of affected leaves and Severity as percent of plant canopy exhibiting disease.

We recommend a product rotation when managing any pest. In this case, we are trying to find the best three or four products.  The chart starts with which product offers the lowest incidence of infection followed by which product best manages Xanthamonas severity.

The conclusion to draw from this trial is that good cultural practices that include sanitation and preventing the inoculation of Xanthamonas are key. After that, Phyton-27® gave the best performance overall. Rotating Phyton-27® with Triathlon® BA, Confine™ Extra and Dithane® 75 DF with Rainshield appear to offer slightly better performance in the long run.

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