GeoTechâ„¢ Insight Platform

Activate ultimate efficiency in facility management

The WinField® United GeoTech™ Insight Platform is a comprehensive facility management system that is designed to leverage the full power of imagery from satellites, airplanes and drones, using it to:

  • Identify and document plant health concerns
  • Design corrective solutions
  • Make precise input applications
  • Keep track of treatments and results

The robust software and smart data management that drives the GeoTech™ insight platform delivers easy-to-understand site maps and insights that help golf course superintendents and other plant managers to better utilize labor resources, reduce input costs and increase sustainability.


The GeoTech™ insight platform analyzes aerial imagery and generates the following maps to help industry professionals see what the eye cannot. This is designed to help supervising staff identify opportunities to adjust management plans and bring out the best in each site.

  • General site map
  • Plant health assessment map
  • Management zones map
  • Additional layers can be created by up loading site-specific information

The GeoTech™ insight platform creates these maps through the use of:

  • In-season ultra high-resolution imagery taken by airplanes or drones
  • In-season satellite imagery
  • 20 years of historical satellite imagery

Images are available with an annual service subscription, which provides new data every 10 to 14 days on average. Comparing historical and current imagery can help validate management practices and monitor changes over time. Contact your WinField United representative for more information on package and pricing options.


Performance over time


The GeoTech™ insight platform streamlines the scouting process by providing superintendents and other managers an easy-to-use dashboard to identify, record and track problems.

  • Plant health imagery from satellites, airplanes and/or drones helps managers save time and manage labor costs by highlighting areas that require scouting
  • Simplify the record-keeping process by using one centralized location to store scouting information. Staff can upload notes and photos on the GeoTech™ insight platform, geo-tag the information and make it readily accessible to the core group of decision makers


Corrective treatments made via traditional blanket applications often lack accuracy, as they can result in over-applying inputs in some areas and under-applying in others. But golf course superintendents and managers can fine-tune their applications by using the GeoTech™ insight platform to design variable rate treatments that individually address each area of concern.

  • Variable rate technology utilizes the efficiency of GPS sprayers to automatically deliver precise, pre-determined amounts of product to each target area
  • Decision makers can optimize performance, manage costs and help improve sustainability by ensuring that inputs aren’t applied where they aren’t needed
  • Variable rate maps are built using plant health data and a user’s site-specific knowledge to optimize the rates that are applied on given areas of a site

Contact your WinField United representative for more information on the WinField United™ GeoTech™ Insight Platform