Nutrient testing – simplified.

NutriTech is a proprietary tool offering comprehensive nutrient testing for all your plant and soil conditions. Tests include customized soil, water and plant tissue analyses through WinField United’s agronomy laboratories. With specific recommendations and expert guidance, NutriTech provides an easy all-in-one solution for facilities to help track, monitor and quantify site soil conditions.

Standard soil test

The WinField® United soil test offers:

  • Complete nutrient analysis, including macro- and micro-nutrients
  • Soil characteristics, including CEC, organic matter and pH
  • Soil texture

Comprehensive testing can provide a more accurate evaluation of soil conditions. Testing can be performed through standard chemical extraction methods or saturated paste extraction methods. Tests are available for all soil types, including soilless media.

Resin testing technology

Resin testing through WinField United measures available nutrients a plant will uptake during growth. Resin testing is the most innovative nutrient management tool available and offered in cooperation with UNIBEST International.

diagram with roots and ball explaining NutriTech

Plant tissue testing

WinField® United tissue testing provides total nutrients absorbed during plant growth.

  1. Analysis of macro- and micro-nutrients present in the plant
  2. Tests available for all types of plants, including turfgrass, annuals, perennials, woody ornamentals and more.

Water testing

Water testing through WinField United analyzes the quality of water used for irrigation and pesticide mixing.

Testing includes:

  1. Water pH
  2. Electrical conductivity
  3. Hardness
  4. Nutrients

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