Turf seed evaluation made easy.

WinField United’s patent-pending TurfTech tool takes seed selection to the next level. Utilizing data from the National Turf Grass Evaluation Program, TurfTech is a convenient, comprehensive database allowing you to quickly pinpoint the best turf seed for your needs.

Comprehensive database

  • University evaluations of most turf species with 1,000+ turf varieties
  • Comparisons based on 150 attributes
  • National, state and regional evaluations
  • Turf seed data for specific environmental and playing conditions

What’s the best variety for you?

  • Find the highest-scoring varieties for any species with any attribute in any location.
  • Compare seed tags for unique, custom seed blends specific to your operations.
  • Analyze varieties for multiple attributes to determine the best performing variety.

Why are turf grass varieties important?

Not all turf seed varieties are created equal. Some varieties are more susceptible to disease pathogens, insects, weed invasion and environmental pressures, such as wear and tear.

Top performing turf varieties must overcome environmental, agronomic and management factors. As part of the WinField United Insights Tech Tool Kit, TurfTech and your sales rep can help you identify key indexing points to find the ideal turf variety for you. Connect with your sales representative for pricing and information.

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