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We know that water is a precious resource, so our line of wetting agents helps you maximize every drop. Our wetting agents assist in the retention and movement of water through the soil while helping eliminate localized dry spots.

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Aquicare is a safe product that helps reduce watering requirements to maintain turf quality and avoid turf loss. This product is specifically designed to resist excessive water retention at the soil surface while maintaining optimal moisture levels in the root zone to provide a firm, healthy playing surface. Application rate: 3 to 6 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.

Features & Benefits

  • Nonphytotoxic
  • Resists excessive water retention at the soil surface while helping to alleviate localized dry spots
  • Enhances surface firmness under wet conditions
  • 100% blend of alkoxylated alcohols
AquicareWaterContent.pngSPEED OF WETTING
The VWC of Aquicare treated soil reached 15% VWC (adequate soil moisture) after one inch of irrigation. The untreated control did not reach 15% VWC until five inches of irrigation had been applied. The data suggests that Aquicare can increase irrigation efficiency.

Across multiple studies, locations and weather conditions - Aquicare consistently provided top firmness rating among competitive products.


Aquiflo Plus

Aquiflo Plus Wetting Agent is a unique formulation designed to move and distribute water uniformly through the soil profile. Applying Aquiflo Plus will aid water infiltration, while reducing localized dry spot formulation. Aquiflo Plus can also aid the movement of pesticides throughout the soil profile to enhance pesticide coverage. AquifloTM is labeled for use in turf and ornamental sites. Application rate: 1 to 4 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves water penetration in hydrophobic soils and through thatch layers
  • Can uniformly distribute pesticides in the soil profile
  • 15% Alcohol ethoxylates, 2% Alkyl aryl sulfonate, 83% water

Aquiflo® Plus had lower localized dry spot than the control and competitive products. Reduced localized dry spot leads to more efficient water use and better looking plants.

This test shows the effect that the surfactant has on the surface tension of water at two standard dilution rates. This is an indicator of how a surfactant will penetrate through barriers such as thatch and move throughout tight soils. The lower the dynes/cm the more effective the surfactant is as a penetrant.



Aquisync is a multifaceted wetting agent utilizing both retention and penetrant technologies to deliver top wetting agent performance in heavier soils and/or thatchy areas. The unique penetrant component helps water move off the surface, past any surface organic matter and into the soil. The proprietary retention agent increases soil water holding capacity to minimize/reduce localized dry spots and stretch irrigation intervals. The combination of these activities leads to more uniform distribution of soil water.Application rate: 2-6 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains penetrant and retention characteristics to reduce the number of chemicals being mixed in the spray tank
  • Optimized for use in non-sand based soils, such as often seen on fairways, tees, sports fields and home lawns
  • Minimizes watering requirements for maintaining healthy, visually appealing turf
  • 75% Poly (2-methyOxlrane), 5% Docusate Sodium, 20% other ingredients

Wetting agents were applied at label rates on a monthly interval. Turf firmness was collected weekly and then averaged to obtain an annual firmness measurement.

Plots were treated monthly and watered adequately until the end of June when water was turned off to determine localized dry spot formation. Aquisync performed well at minimizing localized dryspot.